Commitment & Relationships

Relationships. I think it’s safe to say most relationships involve a strong level of commitment. In this post I am going to focus more on the intimate relationships we have. A partnership with someone who, at least at the time, we see ourselves spending our life with.

So, what does commitment really mean? I believe it’s a daily choice. It’s something needed in a relationship for longevity. In my opinion, it is making the choice to wake up and tell your partner “I love you”, “I choose you”, every single day. That is true commitment to someone, true commitment in a relationship.

It is not an easy task to do because some days it may be harder than others. This could be because of additional life stressors. Most relationships experience highs and low. Perhaps sometimes your partner isn’t your favorite person at the moment.

Most of us learned about basic expectations in relationships as we grew up. What the ideal man or woman is, what they are supposed to do, and who they are supposed to be. I’m willing to bet most of us never learned about true commitment and what that consists of. We get lost in the fairy tale, dreamy, honeymoon phase. The fantasy of eutopia.

The truth is, that it doesn’t exist. A healthy relationship requires a lot of work from both people. The effort it takes to commit to someone requires passion, desire, and consistency.

Arguably, it’s more important that we commit to ourselves. Take care of ourselves. Self-care is key. If we are able to commit to ourselves for being individuals, our relationships have a higher probability of flourishing. Remember it’s a choice, a choice that needs to be made daily.

Until next time, stay frosty friends.    

-UDC Wellness Expert, Matt Donnelly

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