Adren·​a·​line | \ ə-ˈdre-nə-lən \: Feelings of heightened energy, excitement, strength, and alertness; a jolt of useful energy and stimulation.

While adrenaline can have several meanings, for us, it’s a feeling; that feeling you get when you’re challenging yourself to get outside of your comfort zone. So we asked ourselves, “How do we inspire the world to leave their comfort zones behind them?”. Physically, emotionally, and even spiritually.

That’s why we established our Athletic Team.

A collective of individuals dedicated to defying the status quo and inspiring change. Special Operators, Veterans, First Responders, Special Agents, Professional Athletes, Coaches, and Civilians united for the same cause. Not only does our team set the bar high for chasing stoke and pursuing adventure, but each of our Athletes embody UDC’s core value of wellness by leading the way in our MyZone Community.

Meet our Athletic Team:

Mandi Thomas: Mandi is a mom of two girls, an Army veteran, is currently a full-time Firefighter/EMT in NE Florida and has been a personal trainer since 2007. She is passionate about leading by example and making an impact. Her work ethic and authenticity make her one of the most incredible humans we know.

Mandi has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through her unique link to the War Party Movement. You can support Mandi’s cause by purchasing a MyZone here.
Bryan Eisenberg: Bryan is a special agent for the federal government, on his agency’s tactical team. When he isn’t deployed around the world he enjoys riding his Harley, long-boarding, shooting, and spending time outdoors with his partner and fellow Until Death athlete, Jenny, and their dogs.

Bryan’s commitment to protecting others and representing the US abroad makes him a killer addition to our team!

Bryan has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through his unique link to Mission: Wolf . You can support Bryans cause by purchasing a MyZone here.
Lauren Lewis: Lauren is a momma to two little ones and a professional photographer from Raleigh, North Carolina. She has a mouth like a sailor and values unapologetic, authentic folks with no filter.

Lauren has always been drawn to create anything with her own two hands. She has a deep connection with loud music, fast cars and God’s green earth.

Lauren shares that during a time when she needed somewhere to channel her anger, She found the gym. Since then, it has been like a church to her. Now, there’s nothing she loves more than picking up heavy shit.

If ya need Lauren, you can find her running wild with a camera in her hand.

Lauren’s free spirit, creativity and discipline make her inspiring to watch and we are stoked to have her!

Lauren has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through her unique link to Veteran Mustang Mission. You can support Lauren’s cause by purchasing a MyZone here.
Angie Nylund: Angie is a proud Army Veteran and Momma to a free spirited 3 year old! She is the Founder and President of Veteran Mustang Mission, a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing wild Mustangs from holding facilities and partnering them with struggling Veterans.

Angie’s fearless approach to life and giant heart make her an asset to our team.

Angie has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through her unique link to Veteran Mustang Mission. You can support Angie’s cause by purchasing a MyZone here.
Dylan Bernal: Dylan is a Life Coach and Group leader at a therapeutic boarding school, rehab facility, and ranch all in one.
His job is to lead teenage boys who struggle with drug or alcohol addiction, behavioral issues, and/or mental illnesses.

He was raised working on ranches gathering, roping and branding cattle, along with catching wild cattle (Mavericks) in legendary Tombstone Arizona.

Dylans ranching experience, along with his history in different trades, gave him an advantage to teach the boys lessons of hard work, respect and brotherhood. When they are not in equine therapy or learning the importance of sobriety, Dylan is in the gym with them teaching basic fundamentals, movements, tips and tricks of weight lifting. His purpose is to teach them to become mentally, emotionally and physically strong and resilient. Dylan shares that he absolutely LOVES his job!

Dylan learned on his own that using a healthier form suffering and punishment in the gym was a better way to cope with depression and suicidal thoughts than alcohol abuse. Along with rigorous physical labor on a drill rig, he found fitness to be a therapeutic means to cope and cure his mental illness. Suffering produced endurance and appreciation for life.

Dylan lives for service. There is no better or more fulfilling feeling to him than helping people. He strives to make people laugh and says, “I’m the funniest guy you’ve never met”.

Dylan loves this land beyond words and believes in our country.

“Pet a dog, get in the saddle, get out in the mountains, do the hardest job and ALWAYS say thank you”

Dylan’s passion for influencing our youth and setting the example in the gym make him a perfect fit to the team!

Dylan has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through his unique link to the War Party Movement. You can support Dylan’s cause by purchasing a MyZone here.
Jonny Marden: Jonny is a former Navy Seal, although he didn’t join until the age of 29. He shares that age has never been defining of what he can, or can not do.

Jonny is passionate about physical and mental health. Having overcome struggles of his own, he can deeply relate to those on their own journeys.

He loves to travel, cook, and explore. In his spare time, you can find him doing anything to satisfy the need of an adrenaline junky!
Authenticity is one of his highest core values.

Jonny is the type of person to give you the shirt off his back. His dedication to helping others learn from his mistakes, as well as his die hard demonstration of what it means to persevere, make him a killer addition to our team.

Jonny has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through his unique link to Until Death Collective, Inc. You can support Jonny’s cause by purchasing a MyZone here.

Nate Christensen: Nate is a Marine Corps Veteran and freelance photographer. He has a passion for service and all things outdoors. He enjoys rock climbing, mountain biking, backcountry snowboarding, basically anything on a board or wheels. 

Physical fitness, functional training, and good-old-fashioned competition are among his other activities. 

Nates passion for chasing stoke and helping others makes him a killer addition to the team!

Nate has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through his unique link to Heroic Hearts Project. You can support Nate’s cause by purchasing a MyZone here.
Noah is a proud dog Dad, Marine Veteran, and competitive Bull Rider! He is a ranch hand and firearms instructor, as well as a full time crazy Uncle to 5 nephews and 2 nieces! Noah is passionate about service to the community and leading by example!

Noah’s fearlessness to go full send and commitment to personal wellness make him a solid add to the crew!

Noah has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through his unique link to The Deliver Fund. You can support Noah’s cause by purchasing a MyZone here.
Sean Vazquez: Sean is an Army Veteran and founder of Pistol and Carbine Firearms Instruction. He has a passion for teaching the fundamentals as well as helping his clients refine their craft. Sean enjoys skateboarding, hiking, climbing, and coffee.

Sean’s dedication to growth and helping others learn makes him the perfect addition to our crew.

Sean has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through his unique link to Blue Sea Consilium. You can support Sean’s cause by purchasing a MyZone here.
Daniel Rivera: Daniel is an Explosive Hazard Advisor with 6+ years in the military. He loves learning and sharing his knowledge with other people. He is always looking for a new challenge and the right people to tackle it with!

Daniel is also the founder of @_thewolfsden . His passion for building community and approaching every situation with a positive attitude makes him a fan favorite!

Daniel has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through his unique link to Green Beret Foundation’s “Andys Fund”. You can support Daniel’s cause by purchasing a MyZone here.
Jake Ward: Jake is a freelance photographer from the South West of England, United Kingdom.

He is a passionate outdoorsman in a spectrum of activities, from hiking and climbing to snowboarding and surfing! Jake is happiest outside, pitting himself against the elements and being challenged by how he interacts and moves through the environment.

He’s always seeking out like minded people to share in the experiences and help grow and develop himself; both in that discipline, but as a well rounded person. In turn he hopes to give the same back.

Jake shares; “I am humbled to be asked to be a apart of Until Death Collective and to share the same values as the rest of the team. We are never alone, we are stronger together; united in our pursuit of excellence. Not for vanity, but to be better people for our partners, our friends, our communities and ourselves. A value that crosses oceans. I’m stoked to represent for the UK. UNITED WE CONQUER.”

Jake’s passion for adventure and exploration, combined with his love for meeting new people and sharing in his journeys, makes him an asset to the family.

Jake has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through his unique link to the Mountain Rescue England and Wales. You can support Jakes cause by purchasing a MyZone here.
Jenny Russel: Jenny is a special agent with the federal government. When not deployed with her team, she enjoys backcountry camping, skydiving, riding her Harley, and honing her skills as an amateur photographer. She is also a dog lover and spends considerable time with her partner and fellow Until Death athlete, Bryan, entertaining their two rowdy labradors.

Jenny’s sense of adventure and love of the outdoors make her the perfect addition to our crew!

Jenny has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through her unique link to Operation Healing Forces. You can support Jenny’s cause by purchasing a MyZone here.
Adam Klakowicz: Adam is a native of Philly and currently an active Green Beret with multiple deployments to hot spots around the world. He is a former amateur boxing champion and current sponsored Team Rider for Raid Skateboards.

You could easily find him on the range just as easily as you could find him skating your local street spots.

When he’s not skating or shooting, you can catch him at a gym throwing hands or at a local fishing hole catching absolutely nothing (he needs help).

Adam’s relentless support of our community and young heart make him the perfect addition to our team.

Adam has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through his unique link to Until Death Collective, Inc. You can support Adam’s cause by purchasing a MyZone here.
Paul Reifke: Paul is the proud husband of an Army vet (medic) the father of two boys, and a service dog (Radar).

Paul served 17 Years in the Army with several combat deployments. Sadly, he was wounded in combat and sustained injuries and illnesses that he will carry with him for the rest of his life. He is currently a firearms instructor and Executive Protection Agent. 

 Paul’s passions are bowhunting, shooting sports, hiking, skydiving, firearms instructing and archery. 

This is why Paul goes as hard as he does; he’s dealt with some Dr., PT, OT, BH and VA personnel telling him that  will never be able to run, jump, shoot, ruck or so on. For a while he believed it. He shares that he traveled a really dark road for a while. A road so dark, he thought there was no light on the horizon. He made a plan. He weighed the pro’s and con’s. He concluded ending it was the only way for his family to have the father they needed, his wife the have the husband she needed, and so on. 

One month from the time he decided was supposed to be the day. However, in the midst of all the chaos, Paul was ordered to attend adaptive reconditioning archery, although he wanted nothing to do with it.

Reluctantly, he went to the archery range and shot. He couldn’t even hit the bail at 20 yards. The coach moved him to the ten yard, making him fell like he was a little kid. He left there that day so frustrated, but he went back the next day, and the next, and the next. Six moths later he tried out for the Army team, competing in local, state and national matches. He literally FORGOT about my plan. 

His family life was drastically better. His health was improving. His physical therapy and occupational therapy was improving. He was now a multi-sport athlete for the Army. Archery saved his life. 

Most importantly, he loves helping other wounded warriors find their purpose again. Weather it’s through adaptive archery or shooting sports, (outside of his boys) there is absolutely nothing more satisfying to him than watching the life or spark return to a veteran’s eyes; watching a defeated soul reignite with life is inspiring. 

Pauls experience and dedication to saving others makes him perfect for our team. 

Paul has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through his unique link to Combat Warrior Outfitters.
Nikki Selby: Nikki retired from the US Navy after serving over 23 years. She is currently a registered nurse and mother of three. She has recently started learning how to shoot long range, sky dive, ride dirt bikes, hunt and much more.

“I want to show everyone, especially females, it’s never too late to try something new. Don’t be afraid, just get out there and do it!”

Nikki’s willingness to get outside of her comfort zone, combined with her resilient spirit and a heart that never quits, makes her a shining example of what we want our community to embody.

Nikki has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through her unique link to Hunter Seven Foundation. You can support Nikki’s cause by purchasing a MyZone here.
Amber Rawr: Amber is currently serving in the Air Force Reserve as an Aeromedical Evacuation Technician, providing transport and in-flight medical care to the sick and injured. Civilian side, she is an EMT, athlete, and pitbull mom to rescue pup, Magnus.

She has a large variety of interests and is constantly learning, trying new things, traveling, and seeking adventures. She wants to experience as much in life as she can while she’s here and encourages you all to do the same. Until death!

Ambers dedication to wellness and empowering her fellow females make her a lab epic add to the team.

Amber has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through her unique link to Second Chance K9. You can support Amber’s cause by purchasing a MyZone here.
Stuart “Jonny Utah”: Stu is a proud Husband, Father, Army Veteran, former overseas contractor, currently working in the private sector.
When he is not working, you can find him in North Idaho chasing stoke, adventure traveling, paramotoring, hunting, camping, chilling with his three dogs, annoying his super-duper gorgeous Wife, and not taking life too serious.
Stu is an alumni pilot with the non-profit , Resurgence PPG.
Resurgence PPG is a disabled veteran owned and operated, 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Their mission strives to provide therapy and rehabilitation to disabled, injured, and ill service members and veterans through the liberation of personal flight experienced via powered paragliding (paramotor).
“We have one life. Live according.”

Stu’s thrill seeking heart and passion for helping other Veterans make him a killer add to the team!

Stu has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through his unique link to the Heroic Hearts Project. You can support Stu’s cause by purchasing a MyZone here.
Autumn Schlimmer: Autumn is a former Navy K9 Handler.

Decoy (de-coy) noun plural: decoys
 1. Opponent, friend and foe, shapes proper bite behavior, problem solver, sparring partner
2. Dancing with dogs

Autumn has spent the last 11 years as an Explosive Detection K9 Handler, everywhere from the casinos in Las Vegas to the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington DC. Her hobbies include cooking, riding motorcycles, and traveling along the East Coast to assist Police Department K-9 units.

 As a K9 Decoy, her job is to provide training insight on the Canines bite-work and improve how the Handler and K9 function as a team.

 Autumn shares that she feels extremely lucky that having a passion for being, what is essentially a professional Chew Toy, is an activity that can be used to directly help our police officers and their K9 partners stay safe in the line of duty.

Autumns passion for dominating her line of work and leading the way for other women make her a perfect addition to the team.

Autumn has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through her unique link to Hero Labradors. You can support Autumn’s cause by purchasing a MyZone here.
Jade Savage: Jade is a dog mom, adventurer, tactical athlete and Realtor who calls Page, AZ (better known as Lake Powell) home.

She was raised to have a fierce love for life and to always get regular “gut checks.” The feeling right down deep in your gut that you get from the adrenaline of doing something thrilling but even on the verge of fear – the feeling that lets you know you’re actually alive, living life the way it should be lived. Screaming across the AZ desert on two wheels, flying down double black diamond runs, barreling through Class V rapids in the Grand Canyon, even diving with great white sharks are some of Jade’s favorite ways to get those “gut checks” in.  

Jade has recently found a passion for firearms and learning how to safely use them in all situations. She has combined her long-time love of fitness and her new-found love of firearms by regularly competing in The Tactical Games to constantly test her abilities. 

She is a highly empathetic person and passionate about serving others and making sure those around her feel seen and loved. She feels that family and a strong sense of community are the most important parts of life. 

If there is one thing she knows for sure, it’s that death is the only thing that is promised and she is determined to make the best of life. For her, this means not making excuses, choosing the challenging road – the one that will prove what she’s made of, finding her community, always having purpose, getting regular “gut checks” in, and never missing a chance to tell people how much she loves them. 

Jades lust for life and giving it all she’s got makes her a killer addition to the team!

Jade has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through her unique link to the War Party Movement. You can support Jade’s cause by purchasing a MyZone here.
Nick Lake: Nick is an Army Veteran who medically retired in 2014 and found a path to healing in 2018 after a chance encounter rekindled his love for desert motorcycle riding. He has raced in four Baja 1000 races with the Warrior Built Foundation Team, and solo raced many Southwestern US desert races.
Through racing, he has found a connection to start healing both his physical and mental injuries. When he is not racing or wrenching, he is training to compete in the Ironman class of the 2024 SCORE and Best in the Desert race series.
His passion is to help others push through the mental and emotional barriers that come with physical injuries, and show others that you can always find a way to adapt around/work with your injuries to continue doing what brings your heart and mind joy.
 Nicks passion for living a full life, and helping others do the same, makes him a warm welcome to the team.

Nick has chosen to donate $10 per MyZone sold through his unique link to Warrior Built Foundation. You can support Nick’s cause by purchasing a MyZone here.